Who are you?

I’m Caleb Evans, a college student with many passions: coding for Christ, spending time with family, watching red panda videos, and eating impressively large quantities of pizza. I currently reside in Carlsbad, California, attending college with a goal of earning a degree in computer science.

What do you do?

Since 2010, I’ve been programming in many languages for school and for fun. My most prominent work includes a plethora of web apps and useful tools—many of which were created to enhance my productivity and actualize my ideas. I’ve also crafted a number of websites (for myself and for others) using PHP, WordPress, and even Jekyll.

Why do you code?

Besides the fact that I greatly enjoy coding, I ultimately code for Christ, who has been and always shall be my Lord, my Friend, and my Savior. I code because I believe the work of my hands glorifies God in a number of ways. Through coding, I am able to reflect God’s magnificent creativity by expressing my own. It’s also a means for me to enrich people’s lives by creating tools that are useful to them (and not just to me); for instance, I frequently receive emails from developers using my jCanvas drawing library who tell me how much they love it and ask me for help in using it. Therefore, I would certainly say that I find a great deal of purpose in coding.

How many languages do you speak?

First and foremost, I am fluent in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP, since most of my projects are Web-based. However, as I have grown very fond of Python over the years, I’ve also created a handful of useful Python-based utilities (most of which are fully unit tested with 100% coverage). Besides that, I’ve written numerous AppleScripts to improve my workflow and I’ve fiddled with Bash for configuring my development environment, among other things. I’ve even worked with Java and C++ for school, though I can’t say I’m a fan.

What is your favorite language?

By far, Python is my favorite language (especially Python 3). It’s a wonderful language to work with, as the language itself is highly expressive, flexible, powerful, and readable. I have also found that Python makes crafting sophisticated projects amazingly easy and quick. I highly recommend the language for anyone who enjoys coding for fun.

What is your code editor of choice?

I use Atom, an open-source editor developed by GitHub. The editor itself is built with the latest web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS), which makes it impressively customizable while keeping it incredibly easy to use. For those interested in giving it a try, you can view my complete Atom configuration (including the packages I use) on my dotfiles repository.

Tabs or spaces?

That depends. In Atom, spaces behave just like tabs when used for indentation, and the editorconfig package I use automatically switches between using tabs and spaces on a per-project basis. Therefore, the difference feels practically imperceptible to me, and so my choice generally depends on the context. For instance, when I write Python, I always use spaces in accordance with the PEP 8 style guide. For my WordPress plugins and themes, I use tabs in accordance with the WordPress coding standards. For everything else, I simply default to using tabs.

What’s the story behind your project icons?

I’m so glad you asked! I actually made them myself.

I meticulously crafted each icon using SVG, a vector image format which is both portable and infinitely scalable. I didn’t use any sort of vector-drawing application to hand-draw each icon, but rather I wrote all of the code by hand.

Considering that I have over 40 projects, I had to write the code for over 40 icons, where each icon was carefully conceived and designed. Indeed, it took much time and effort, but I had great fun doing it. I also found that hand-writing the code for each icon enabled greater precision, portability, and overall maintainability.