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This is my portfolio of professional websites I've built over the course of my web development career.

Grace Vineyard

2017 – present
WordPress + Underscores, PHP, HTML5, Sass, JS
I created this WordPress site for one of my former churches. The previous site was created in the 90s, yet the needs of the church grew to be far beyond what that site could provide. With this new website, I decided to build on WordPress and use the Underscores theme starter for a solid foundation. The site includes a host of customizations for podcast feeds, announcements, and giving.

The Part Works

2017 – 2022
SuiteCommerce Advanced, HTML5, Sass, Backbone, jQuery
The Part Works was one of our clients when I worked at SuiteCentric for NetSuite development. The entire website is written using NetSuite's web store platform, SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA), and I've collaborated extensively with the company's CEO and colleagues on page design, enhancements, and bug fixes (many of which I also had the pleasure of implementing). And finally, I've also performed several of the website's upgrades to the latest release of SCA.

InterVarsity North County

2014 – present
WordPress, PHP, HTML5, Sass, Vanilla JS
I created this site in 2014 for the North County chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a college ministry I was apart of. The site is centered around the ministry's small group Bible studies, which are led by student leaders on the college campuses in the region. I designed the site's front and and back end, and since its creation, I have poured countless hours of time and effort into maintaining, polishing, and enhancing the site.

Static Stitches

2010 – 2011
Vanilla PHP, HTML5, Vanilla CSS, Vanilla JS
I created this site in 2011 for a high school class apart of the Virtual Enterprise program, where schools across the nation would create virtual businesses, trading with each other and competing against each other. Our business was a clothing company called Static Stitches, and I held the sole web developer position at this virtual company of ours. Most notably, we traveled to Bakersfield in November 2011 for the annual VE California State Trade Show, where this website won First Place in the Advanced Website Division.

Personal Website

2013 – present
Svelte + SvelteKit, HTML5, Sass
I created this site (the site you're currently viewing) in 2013 after several disappointing attempts to create an aesthetically-pleasing personal website for myself. After much thought and planning, I ultimately settled on a flat, light-on-dark design which utilized translucency and color. I also hand-crafted a whole host of icons to showcase my projects on the site. Since then, I've rewritten the site five times (WordPress, Jekyll, Gatsby, NextJS, and now SvelteKit) and continue to revise it as I make it a fitting home for my presence on the internet.